This program matches cancer fighters with our Cancer Navigator, Tara Mann.  They will work together with the support of our mentors and resources to determine and carry out the best overall plan for the cancer fighters’ success.

The following services are available through this program for those that qualify

(you must submit an intake form with financials to be eligible):
  1. Free consultation and ongoing support | Communication includes email, phone, text and through support groups.  Tara Mann is the Resource Coordinator for all fighters currently.  Her support includes consultation with our Cancer Mentors and all willing physicians and practitioners regarding your case.
  2. Practitioner Locations services | Your resource coordinator will assist you in finding the practitioners that are necessary for your success.  Some examples are biological dentist, detoxification support, nutrition counseling, integrative or holistic MDs, Naturopaths and various types of practitioners and therapists.
  3. Supplement  Assistance | We provide supplement discounts at our Fighting Together Store and for those that qualify we offer deeper discounts and provisions of supplements.
  4. Personal Daily Tracker | The tracker is a one-page daily accountability journal/tracker.  It outlines everything you need to do each day to fulfill your protocol and goals.  It is checklists for supplements, detox, and exercise, a place to record food intake, weight, pH and keeps daily notes.  This is fully customized for you and available in a spiral bound notebook for your convenience.
  5. Research | We provide articles, studies, and any documentation necessary to educate or answer questions that arise. We use a wide range of sources to provide you with information on various topics.  We follow and work with many wonderful cancer practitioners, coaches, and experts to assist us with information.
  6. Support Groups | You have access to Cancer Crackdown Support Group on Facebook as well as the Fighting Together group, it is a private group for fighters in this program.
  • We accept fighters into our program based on the availability of Resource Coordinators and the level of need the fighter has.  Our ability to support applicants that have financial needs is dependent on our funding at the time.  We are a non-profit organization and all means are supplied through fundraising efforts and sales from FightingTogether.Org
  • We work with fighters that choose treatments that do not include chemo or radiation.
  • We work with fighters needing assistance with the transition from traditional therapies to natural therapies.  If you are seeking help with Integrative Cancer Options: Valerie Warwick at MyWellnessTutor.Com is an excellent resource and Integrative Partner to have.


Please, contact us if you are interested in applying for the Fighting Together Program.  Keep fighting and never let yourself think that you won’t win!!

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