Albumin and Cancer ~ Advanced Hygiene

Albumin and Cancer Advanced Hygiene to raise albumin levels The 20% of immune system effort that is normally tied up battling the germs under our fingernails can be redirected toward better health when those germs are eliminated. Temporary drops in albumin are...

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Dr. Majors on: Juicing vs. Smoothies

Juicing vs. Smoothies! .......which one is best for Cancer patients? Both....because each has a different purpose! The POWER of Juicing! Juicing is done with a slow speed masticating juicer and it extracts as much densely packed NUTRIENTS from your organic produce and...

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Dry Skin Brushing

Dry Skin Brushing The dry skin brushing technique is used to stimulate the lymphatic system, which is the body’s cellular waste removal system.  As the cells get nourished they produce a certain amount of waste matter which must be efficiently removed.  This is the...

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20 Questions For Your Oncologist From Chris Beat Cancer

Our friend and Cancer Mentor, Chris Wark continues to share valuable and life saving direction to natural cancer fighters. 20 Questions For Your Oncologist is a 1-hour audio program, in which Chris walks you through the most important questions to ask your doctor, and...

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The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest

Click Here To Purchase An exciting event for cancer and awareness of natural therapies and for Cancer Crackdown!  Our CEO and CO-Founder Tara Mann was interviewed by Ty Bollinger and appears in episodes 1 and 9.  It was an honor and privilege to be included in a line...

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Dr. Majors on Mammograms

What if you didn't do a Mammogram? What if you didn't do Chemotherapy? What if you didn't do Radiation? What if you didn't do Surgery? What would happen? Would you die sooner? Would you not find your Cancer sooner? or.... If you did have a mammogram, find a problem...

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TRUE Breast Cancer Awareness and Donating Where it Counts

TRUE Breast Cancer Awareness and Prevention is about knowing the REAL causes.  A few key things you can do to prevent breast cancer: 1. Use thermography for testing 2. Reduce Bra Wearing 3. Use Chemical Free Deodorant 4. Take 200 mcg Selenium daily 5.  Check and...

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Oil Pulling Instructions

Powerful information about the healing power of Oil Pulling-OP In 1996, two and half years after starting the publication of Oil Pulling in Andhra Jyoti, a survey was advertised and conducted by the paper to find out the types of diseases cured and its effectiveness....

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Estrogen Dominance

Why is Breast Cancer and Endometriosis on the Rise and younger and younger girls are being diagnosed? Almost weekly I have a patient who comes in diagnosed with breast cancer, endometriosis or ovarian cysts. Why are we seeing more and more and younger and younger?...

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