Tara's Story

Cancer Crackdown's Co-Founder Shares her journey

How Cancer Crackdown Was Born

In December of 2011 I watched the documentary Dying to Have Known.  This documentary opened my eyes to the Gerson therapy and the potential of nutrition and diet to heal the body.   I was very surprised about what I saw and had to learn more, it sparked a curiosity and passion in me.   In January 2012 Cancer Crackdown started as a small support group on Facebook.  Over the next several months I began to research, talk to practitioners, patients, and caregivers about what I was learning.  I learned that people are hungry for information and want to do more during their battle with cancer to improve their health through diet and lifestyle.  It is unfortunate that it is not easier to make decisions about these options.  The information overload society that we live in makes it almost impossible to know what is best and what is valid.  I feel that my background in science and medicine has given me the tools necessary to help simplify the process of better nutrition, health and cancer treatment.

My Background

My first job, in high school, was at the local hospital as a Dietary Aide.  I went to college initially to become a pharmacist and studied pre-medical classes earning an Associate of Science Degree with a Concentration in Chemistry and Psychology, I changed my major and earned Bachelor of Science Degree in Medical Technology.  During college, I worked as a licensed Pharmacy Technician and a Phlebotomist.  During my time working in the lab as a phlebotomist, I learned that I really enjoy interacting with people, patients especially.  After college, my first sales job was with a first aid company.  In this position, I became CPR certified, helped teach classes, sold first aid and safety supplies and assisted with OSHA compliance for industrial companies.  I moved on to enjoy several great sales positions:  Distribution Manager (covered 11 states), National Account Manager,  Sales for a printed media company and then pursued a position in pharmaceuticals.  I was a pharmaceutical sales representative for eleven years.  In this capacity I learned to evaluate clinical studies and understand the difficulties patients, physicians and practitioners face. I became familiar with the process of treating patients from many different perspectives.  I was fortunate to work for an amazing company and have a successful career.

I made the decision that my children and personal fulfillment were more important than money and a title. I felt my experience and efforts could be better used in a way that would help others, which  I have always had a passion for.  Cancer Crackdown has brought some amazing and brilliant people into my life, to them I have endless gratitude.  It is with their encouragement and belief in Cancer Crackdown’s mission and accomplishments that helped me to make the decision to conclude my position as a pharmaceutical representative in September 2012, to devote my time and energy to Cancer Crackdown!!  We are serving fighters every day almost six years later!

I love to be with the cancer patients, to hear their stories and see their courage.  They are my heroes and my inspiration.  My experiences with Cancer Crackdown have touched my life in so many ways.  I have seen first hand how difficult it is as a caregiver and of course, as a patient.

I want to help you to Be the Change in your life and feel the empowerment and benefits of a healthier lifestyle as I have.  Making changes is a process, change one thing at a time and build on that,  if I can do it you certainly can!!!

Cancer Crackdown is a resource and support system for over 50 cancer fighters in our Fighting Together Program and we support hundreds through support groups, social media outreach, free resource calls and supplement assistant!!  We need your donations to provide care for those that are struggling financially.

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Thank you for your interest in Cancer Crackdown!  I love to hear your stories, feedback and suggestions.

Tara Mann, MT
Co-Founder and CEO
Cancer Crackdown

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