The Cancer Crackdown Team

Our Founders

Tara Mann

Co-Founder and CEO
Cancer Crackdown

Steve Mann

Co-Founder and President
Cancer Crackdown

Our Cancer Mentors

Dr. Daniel Nuzum, DO, ND

Certified Doctor of Natural Medicine, Medical Acupuncturist and Nutritional Supplement Formulator

Ty Bollinger

Author | Cancer Researcher

Charlene Bollinger

Author | Cancer Researcher

Robert Scott Bell

Naturopathic Medical Doctor

Robert Scott Bell

Homeopath | Author | The Robert Scott Bell Radio Show

Dr. Veronique DeSaulniers, DC

Author | Cancer Conqueror, Empowering Women Around The Globe

Chris Wark

Cancer Survivor | Cancer Coach

Valerie Warwick

RN | Cancer Coach

Angel Howerton

Cancer Survivor | Holistic Counselor

Kathleen Blake

Gerson Therapy Survivor/Expert | Gerson Therapy Support Group Admin (9,000 people)
Kathlene’s Story

Marlene Ivette, M.A. MHRT

Holistic Practitioner

Dr. Patrick Flynn NMD, ND, DC,

Author | Speaker

Adrea Brier C.N.H.P., J.S.J.

Cancer Consultant | Personal Cancer Conqueror | Writer | Speaker

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