Albumin and Cancer

Advanced Hygiene to raise albumin levels

The 20% of immune system effort that is normally tied up battling the germs under our fingernails can be redirected toward better health when those germs are eliminated.

Temporary drops in albumin are necessary, and not a problem. Drops in albumin levels occur when the body is engaged with invading bacteria, viruses, fungi and other germs. It also falls when the body is forced to deal with an onslaught of toxins and other dangerous substances that we inhale, drink, or eat, getting into the body through the skin, respiratory system, or other ports of entry. The fact that the body mounts a powerful offensive is good, for otherwise we would die. But the unintended consequence, the shortfall of albumin is harmful in the long run. The problem comes when we are continually battling infections, parasites, and toxins resulting in albumin running low for months on end and is eventually critically low. Prolonged low albumin is directly correlated to cancer and disease.

Albumin is an important protein that is found in most animal tissues. If your blood albumin level decreases your risk of serious disease increases greatly.

Albumin is assembled in the liver from more than 500 amino acids. It is the most abundant protein and has many important functions:

-Protects damaged tissues from free radicals that can destroy cells and cause cancer.
-Protects against heart disease by transporting antioxidant vitamins that keep the coronary artery clean, binding up fatty acids and stabilizing the HDL/LDL ratio.
-Binds waste products, toxins and dangerous drugs that would otherwise harm the body and encourage disease. Detoxifies the   fluid around the cells.
-Protects the terrain by buffering the blood against pH changes.
-Prevents red blood cells and other substances from clumping together which keeps blood flowing smoothly.
-Essential for transporting: vitamins, magnesium, copper, zinc, bilirubin, uric acid, sex hormones, and fatty acids through the body. It regulates movement of nutrients between the blood and the body’s cells.
-Stabilized red blood cells and growth hormones.
-Controls the precise amount of water in various tissues.
-Plays an important role in transporting and circulating reservoirs of thyroid hormones.
-Purifies the cerebrospinal fluid, nourishes brain cells and maintains the blood-brain barrier.
-Helps ensure that there are adequate amounts of certain key minerals in the bones.
-Binds and transports cortisol reducing stress-induced damage to the thymus gland, brain and connective tissue.

More facts:

-Albumin has been described as a portable liver
-Blood serum albumin levels are the single most important indicator of health
-Ideal albumin level should be 5.0 g/dL
-An albumin level of 3.5 or lower is critical an if levels reach 4.0 consistently take action
-You can track the progress of cancer by tracking albumin levels.
-People with cancer and other disease have albumin levels below 4.0
-People with levels above 4.4 do not have cancer.
-Low albumin is even considered a cause of cancer.
-Prostate cancer is directly linked to low albumin.

Advanced Hygiene methods:

-Increase hand and face washing. Careful scrubbing for a full minute can reduce up to 90% of the germs from most of the body, but not the fingernails. Recommended at least 5 times a day
-Hand Washing Technique: Scrape a bar of soap with your fingernails several times for about 3 seconds, use excess soap to rub all over the rest of the hands, wet, lather and rinse. Wash hands at least 5 times per day.
-Clean nasal passages with nasal irrigation (Neti pot), facial dip or swimming in salt water.
-Facial Dipping: Fill a sink or large bowl with warm water and add one Tablespoon of sea salt or good quality salt. Dip your face into the water, blink your eyes a few times, gently blow bubbles through your nose for five or six seconds. If you nose is blocked hold one nostril while slightly drawing the water up the other, repeat until nose is clear. Dry face and blow nose when finished.
-Oil Pulling. Instructions:
-Mouthwash (chemical free)
-Brushing Teeth: tongue scrape, floss and brush hard/soft pallet and gums
-Coffee Enemas (powerful liver detox) Click Here

-Foot Soaks
-Thoroughly clean ears regularly
-Clean belly button regularly
-Dry Skin Brushing: Click Here
-Detox baths. 1 cup baking soda, 1 cup sea salt. Soak 20 minutes in a warm bath.

Sources: Prostate Health in 90 Days, Dr. Larry Clapp,,

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